Archive for Richard's 35th

Really, this page of "My Einstein Job" is more of an archive for what was approximately the first quarter of 2013.  There was some good stuff with Richard's 35th and I just don't think it should go away.

In case you're wondering, Richard's 35th was an attempt to challenge myself, grow a project, and simply experiment with life during the 35th year of my life. Richard's 35th has evolved to the "My Einstein Job" point, and I'm perfectly ok with that.

The Move

I haven't done a log in quite sometime, so in this one I look at some of my biggest "stories" that include

1) The move to my new place (link to the timelapse video)

2) Trying to get my M2 license

3) The problem with my Internet expectations.

The Narcissism Epidemic

Today, I did one thing I've never done before...and that is "troll" a celebrity. In this case, a UFC fighter named Nick Diaz. Now, the reason why I trolled him, and the reason why I chose to do a blog about it is quite simple:

He represents EVERYTHING that I'm trying to change about Western Society, and this entry explains why.

...Below, you will find two things:

1) Trolling tweet #1 and #2
2) My views on what leadership should be
3) My video entry

Reason why I'm going mobile

There have been a few people wondering why I'm decided to sell most of my belongings, and going from furnished apartment to furnished apartment. I think this series of tweets will explain all that :-)

A thousand times tougher for her

My first "Moment of Clarity" in a long time, and I cover the following:

1) The "Transition"...It's finally over, I hope 2) A new website coming through...with help from the inside 3) Moving...yet again, but differently 4) Acknowledging my mom...and her many sacrifices

Giving food away

One of the things that quite literally disgusts me, is how much food is wasted/thrown away at, I decided to not waste some and give to the homeless. But, late on a Friday night, it's hard than you think.

Car Purgatory

When I sold my car, I never thought this would be the thing that would bother the most about being car-less.

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